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Things to Know About Short-Term Health Insurance for Freelancers


The new age of economy brought us to a point where freelancers are a highly popular working force and career of choice for many people across the globe. It is also a great way to balance a healthy lifestyle with work when compared with other industries on the market.

According to statistics, there are approximately more than 56 million freelancers in the USA, and 30% of them work full time. Even though we can consider numerous benefits of becoming a freelancer, the most significant disadvantage is the lack of employer’s plans. Finding health policy is complicated, which is why you should click to read more on the link we shared with you.

Therefore, if you are a self-employed person or freelance worker, you will be able to choose various health insurance options that exist on the market. One of the most popular solutions for freelancers is short-term health insurance.

What Is Short Term Health Insurance?

Limited duration or short-term health insurance in the form of coverage that will provide health protection for limited periods. It is a necessary and temporary policy, which is correctly used for a medical emergency, so you will not be able to handle daily med care as well as prevention.

Remember that these plans are not ACA-compliant, and back in the day, people used them to fill a gap in already existing coverage when they were in-between jobs. Regulations changed in 2019, and today, more and more people choose this particular policy over traditional ones.

According to predictions, the number of people enrolling in this particular policy will increase by 600,000 in 2020. Keep in mind that this specific type of coverage will evolve with increased demand, so you will be able to find numerous options available on the market.

Reasons Why Freelancers Choose Short-Term Health Coverage

  • If you cannot qualify for Medicaid due to significant income and you cannot afford to spend on traditional health coverage, the best solution for your need is a short-term alternative which is a less expensive and much better option than being uninsured.
  • In case you wish to be protected, but you neglected the open enrollment period, which would qualify you for traditional policies. Instead, you should take a short period one until the next enrollment period, where you can choose the different options.
  • You can use it as an alternative to ACA options. Even though freelancers can qualify for health insurance through the marketplace, the cost is much more expensive than other types. Keep in mind that before 2019, people had to handle penalties with ACA compliant health plans. However, today, there are no penalties when insuring you with a short-term alternative.

What Will You Get With Short-Term Insurance Plan?

When compared with other types of plans that you can choose, we can consider numerous benefits of choosing this particular plan instead. At the same time, not all states will have short-term projects, but when you find the offer, you will be able to get coverage for:

  • Preventive care
  • Hospitalization
  • Pregnancy, prenatal and maternity care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Mental and abusive issues

We recommend you to visit this site: so that you can learn how to compare different policies with ease. 

Differences between Marketplace and Short-Term Coverage

Apart from the idea that you will get reduced coverage, you should consider other things as well when choosing this particular plan:

  • In case you already have a pre-existing condition, have in mind that you will not be able to choose short-term health insurance.
  • You will have to undergo a medical exam for your plan, and they can deny you in case you have some medical issues along the way.
  • Remember that these plans have high deductibles, which means that you have to pay more for monthly fees.
  • In case you have a plan that lasts less than a year, each time you change it, the new deductible will come in place. This disadvantage will affect the money you have to pay every month.
  • This particular plan has lifetime or annual policy limits that will affect the overall coverage.
  • The great advantage of short-term coverage is the affordable price tag. You will be able to increase savings unless you have a severe medical situation. Therefore, if you are a healthy individual in general, and you do not use prescriptions regularly, you will reduce the expenses when compared with other plans. 

FDA Warning Letter: Enforcing Status Quo on CBD

If you want to learn more about the warning letter sent by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and see how the FDA is still enforcing the status quo on CBD, keep on reading this article. Moreover, you’ll also learn where you can get approved for a safe and affordable CBD merchant account fast and easily. 

FDA Warning Letter & CBD Merchant Account

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is still taking action to regulate the legal issues associated with CBD. The administration has recently sent a warning letter to Alternative Laboratories or Alternative Labs. The letter shows that the company markets various functional beverages that contain enhanced coffees and cocoa drinks. 

According to the letter, Alternative Labs has used the ingredient called DHMA in the beverages. As you may know, this is a synthetic drug that you can find in dietary supplements. It’s used for weight loss purposes, as well as for boosting athletic performance.

The FDA views supplements containing dimethylamylamine as illegal products. The use of dimethylamylamine has been associated with a number of reports of serious side effects causing harm to health. 

According to Alternative Labs CEO Kevin Thomas, the inspection carried out by the FDA, which provided a basis for sending the warning letter didn’t reveal any serious issues concerning the company’s GMp compliance. 

What about your marijuana business? Are you using reliable and low cost merchant services? This can be of no challenge if you work with a respectable high risk processor in your field. With a true payment processing specialist, you can enjoy the safest and cheapest CBD merchant account in the space. 

Growing CBD Market & Its Regulation

According to Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, the FDA must provide guidance so that hemp-derived CBD can be marketed legally. Schumer adds that the administration’s rules concerning cannabidiol must ensure that CBD products meet strict quality control standards so that consumers can be well protected. 

According to former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the federal government should have its word in the process of state marijuana programs regulation. Gottlieb notes that CBD sales may need congressional action, otherwise years will be needed to develop rules.

To sum up, the warning letter by the FDA speaks of the fact that the administration is still enforcing the status quo on CBD.  

Author Bio:Blair Thomas has been a music producer, bouncer, screenwriter and for over a decade has been the proud Co-Founder of eMerchantBroker, the highest rated high risk merchant account processor in the country that offers the safest and cheapest CBD merchant account in the space. He has climbed in the Himalayas, survived a hurricane, and lived on a gold mine in the Yukon. He currently calls Thailand his home with a lifetime collection of his favorite books.

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